7/20/2015 Notes

DocDB Event


Enhao, Rob, Eric, Luke, Craig D., Craig G., Serdar, Leon, Andrew and Martin (taking notes)

Shared Memory Segment

  • Andrew reports that Sue and him found that the shared memory segment only has a depth of 4.
  • DDT attaches to the memory segment with 16 buffers, so something does not line up right.
  • I will start an email thread to try to understand this.

SNEWS/Supernova Trigger

  • Jan will only be available until Monday, August 10th at which point he will be fully committed to writing his dissertation.
  • We thank him for all of his amazing work and wish him best of luck!

Moon Shadow Trigger

  • We will run a 24-hr test of the current implementation.
    • Serdar is sailing next week, so we will do this the following week (8/10)
  • Andrew would like to see some more trigger metrics (efficiency, purity, rate estimate) before we deploy this trigger.
  • Serdar will try to understand the offset between the trigger rates and the sun/moon location.
  • Leon is worried that the 10 m cut is too restrictive and will have a detrimental effect on the acceptance.
    • Craig G. points out that this cut is only temporary until we understand the trigger behavior a bit better.