Summer 2014 Collaboration Meeting

DocDB Event

Code Design Discussion

  • The smaller the DAQHit, the less memory is used, the more memory is available for the BNEVB memory ring.
  • We should therefore keep DAQHit as small as possible so that the BNEVB can store more data.
  • The art fragment is available from the art event, so the raw data is accessible downstream even if it is not directly available from the DAQHit.
  • We will add a fractional time member to provide sub-integer precision provided by the fits.
    • Rob says that he would only need one bit, so the smallest member might be uint8_t.
  • Produce MCS HitList in the NovaDDTHitProducer under a separate label.
  • Zukai's MCS will simply be added as a method to NovaDDTHitProducer.
  • We will implement the multipoint conversion as a service. We will ask Brian for some examples.


  • Alec wonders whether the -O2 optimization that we are using alters the physics answer.