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h1. NDOS Shifter Instructions

h2. Starting the Trigger

*The following instructions show how to start the trigger after you have started a run.*

*1. The DDTManager should be in the list of managers of the DAQApplicationManager:*


*2. You should see the DDT Manager with several buttons in pink (check the whole desktop, this window sometimes hides out of view):*


*3. Click the "Start Group" button to start all of the processes and when they are all running it should look like this:*


*Note that the data-driven triggers record shorter time windows, so you will see very clean events in the Event Display.*

h2. Stopping the Trigger

*Make sure that you stop all of the processes before you end a run or after a run crashed!* crashed!

*1. Click the "Stop Group" button and wait until everything is pink (not running).*


h2. Recovering a Trigger

*Occasionally a trigger process might die, so you can recover it as follows:*

*1. The overview will indicate this with a bit of pink in the Group button (Group 05 here), so double-click it to see more details:*


*2. Send an email to telling us which trigger process died. For example, trigger process DDT-6-4 died here:*


*3. Right-click on the dead process and click "Start Process":*


*4. Everything should be green again. You can return to the Overview by clicking on the orange "Back" button.*


*5. If the process dies more than twice in an hour, do not restart it again, but notify us via email.*