Shifter Instructions

Running the Data-Driven Trigger (DDT)

1. The DDTManager should be in the list of managers of the DAQApplicationManager:

2. The DDTManager will automatically stop and start the DDT processes when you start a run. Here is what it should look like when everything is running fine:

3. If all is well, you should also see the DDT Scalars updating in the Trigger Scalars window:

4. Note that the data-driven triggers record shorter time windows, so you will see very clean events in the Event Display.

Stopping the Trigger

1. Click the "Stop Group" button and wait until everything is pink (not running).

Recovering a Trigger

Occasionally a trigger process might die, so you can recover it as follows:

1. The overview will indicate this with a bit of pink in the Group button (Group 05 here), so double-click it to see more details:

2. Send an email to telling us which trigger process died. For example, trigger process DDT-6-4 died here:

3. Right-click on the dead process and click "Start Process":

4. Everything should be green again. You can return to the Overview by clicking on the orange "Back" button.

5. If the process dies more than twice in an hour, do not restart it again, but notify us via email.