Running the Trigger processes:

Using the DAQApplicationManager

To start the AppMgr GUI:

   ssh novadaq@novadaq-ctrl-master
   setup_online -z 10

The GUI pops up:

  • Right-click on the PINK status box and click "Start process". The ddt-filter process starts on the corresponding cluster and status turns GREEN. * You can start/stop the whole group

If you would to create extra buttons for additional ddt-filter processed, modify:

  • /nova/config/NDOS/appmgr/Partition10/ProcessList.xml * <applicationInstance name="ddt001" type="DDT Filter" host="novadaq-ctrl-farm-01" />

The start xml file:

  • /nova/config/NDOS/appmgr/Partition10/ApplicationTypeList_DAQ_Standard_Start.xml * <appCommand>/home/novadaq/DAQOperationsTools/bin/ -c prof-test.fcl -z ${PARTITION_NUMBER}</appCommand>


  • The search path for the FHCL file is specified: ** export FHICL_FILE_PATH=$FHICL_FILE_PATH:/nova/config/NDOS/DDTFilter/${partitionSubdir}:/nova/config/NDOS/DDTFilter * The exact FHICL file location : ** /nova/config/NDOS/DDTFilter/prof-test.fcl * The line that actually start the ddt-filter: ** nohup ddt-filter -c ${configFile} >>${logPath}/ddt_${TIMESTAMP}.log 2>&1 <&- &

Log Files

The log files for each farm node can be found in the following directory:


Using RC on novatest01

  1. log into novatest01 as novadaq
  2. 'setup_online -z 3'
  3. 'ospl start'
  4. ''
  5. ''
  6. in the Resource Manager GUI...
    1. [Release Partition 3, if needed]
  7. In the Run Control GUI...
    1. select Configuration->Simulation Mode, select Mode 1, and click OK to accept that change
    2. click Discover Resources
    3. click Select Resources. Choose the following resources:
      1. ConfigurationManager
      2. DataLogger
      3. EventDispatcher
      4. GlobalTrigger
      5. MessageViewer
      6. ResourceManagerServer
      7. RunControlServer
      8. SimulationManager
      9. TriggerScalars
      10. all of the DCMs under tdu01 (dcm-3-01-01/2/3, dcm-3-02-01/2/3)
      11. buffer nodes 1 through 6
      12. click Acknowledge All Deviations
      13. click OK
    4. click Reserve Resources
    5. wait for all DAQ processes to start
    6. click Select Configurations
      1. click the More button
      2. select the latest SimMode1GlobalConfig
      3. click OK
    7. click Prepare Configuration
    8. click Load Connections
    9. click Make Connections
    10. click Load Hardware Config
    11. click Configure Hardware
    12. click Load Run Config
    13. click Configure Run
    14. click Begin Run - enter the requested information

To shut things down:

  1. End the run, if needed
  2. It's important to shut down the DAQ processes using either the Stop System button from the Application Manager or the Release Resources button in Run Control. Use the latter if it is available.
  3. ''
  5. 'ospl stop' (rarely)

To build the software in the test release:

  2. 'build4 everything'

In the application manager GUI below you see 2 highlighted processes, which corresponds to BufferNodeEVBapp and ddt-filter:

Log files for ddt-filter:


The corresponding xml file:


Shell script that start BufferNodeEVBapp and ddt-filter:

/home/novadaq/DAQOperationsTools/bin/ (I will give it a better name)

Please note, that ddt-filter starts after BufferNodeEVBapp inside by:
env -i /home/novadaq/DAQOperationsTools/bin/ -c prof-test.fcl -z ${partitionNumber} $appName ${DAQ_HOST}