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Martin Frank, 01/15/2013 11:15 AM

Running the Trigger using the DAQApplicationManager

To start the AppMgr GUI:

   ssh novadaq@novadaq-ctrl-master
   setup_online -z 10

The GUI pops up:

  • Right-click on the PINK status box and click "Start process". The ddt-filter process starts on the corresponding cluster and status turns GREEN. * You can start/stop the whole group

If you would to create extra buttons for additional ddt-filter processed, modify:

  • /nova/config/NDOS/appmgr/Partition10/ProcessList.xml * <applicationInstance name="ddt001" type="DDT Filter" host="novadaq-ctrl-farm-01" />

The start xml file:

  • /nova/config/NDOS/appmgr/Partition10/ApplicationTypeList_DAQ_Standard_Start.xml * <appCommand>/home/novadaq/DAQOperationsTools/bin/ -c prof-test.fcl -z ${PARTITION_NUMBER}</appCommand>


  • The search path for the FHCL file is specified: ** export FHICL_FILE_PATH=$FHICL_FILE_PATH:/nova/config/NDOS/DDTFilter/${partitionSubdir}:/nova/config/NDOS/DDTFilter * The exact FHICL file location : ** /nova/config/NDOS/DDTFilter/prof-test.fcl * The line that actually start the ddt-filter: ** nohup ddt-filter -c ${configFile} >>${logPath}/ddt_${TIMESTAMP}.log 2>&1 <&- &

Log Files

The log files for each farm node can be found in the following directory: