Overriding the startDDTFilter parameters with ddt-operations.cfg

Default parameters

The starts the ddt-filter processes on each buffer node.
By default, the parameters are taken from the NamedConfiguration in the DB, so it's always possible to trace back, which parameters were used for any run.

But for quick testing one can also override these parameters in /nova/config/FarDet/ddt-operations.cfg file.
Also this is the only way to switch to the DDT SRT build.

List of parameters

Here are the parameters one can define in the ddt-operations.cfg.
If the parameter is not defined there, the default value is used.

DDT version parameters:

  • DDT_SETUP - which distribution of DDT do we want.
    • Valid values: "ups" or "srt"
    • default value: "ups"
  • DDT_VERSION - version of the DDT code to run.
    • default value: from configuration DB
  • DDT_TEST_RELEASE_PATH - for SRT build, path to the test release
    • default value: empty
  • DDT_QUALS - qualifiers, like "e6:on:prof" for the UPS, and build flavor (like "maxopt" or "debug") for SRT
    • default value: from configuration DB
  • DDT_FHICL - path to the DDT fhicl file to use.
    • default value: from configuration DB

Other parameters

  • COREDUMP_HOSTS - list of hosts, where the coredump will be enabled (disabled for others).
    • default value: ""
  • MAPMAKER_HOSTS -list of hosts where the mapmaking path in DDT fhicl will be enabled (for NoiseMaps generation)
    • default value: ""
  • MAPMAKING_INSTANCE - list of instances where the mapmaking will be enabled.
    • default value: empty (no mapmaking)

Example: ddt-operations.cfg file for SRT run, fully redefining all variables

DDT_VERSION v12_00_00
DDT_QUALS maxopt
DDT_TEST_RELEASE_PATH /home/novadaq/ddt/testRelDDT_v12_00_00
DDT_FHICL /home/novadaq/ddt/testRelDDT_v12_00_00/DDTGlobalConfiguration-FD-SN+SMM_R12_newMask.fcl