NOvADDT on the Near Detector Cluster

In the short-term, we have the NOvA DDT framework living on the novadaq-ctrl-master machine.

Assuming you have access you can jump here:

% ssh novaddt@novadaq-ctrl-master

You can setup your environment easily with the following function that resides in ~/.bashrc (as user novaddt):

% setup_novaddt

This sets up the necessary UPS products and the SRT environment variables.
In this case SRT_PUBLIC_CONTEXT points you to the codebase:


The UPS products that currently get setup are:

art            v1_01_01 -qdebug:e2
artdaq         v0_02_01 -qdebug:e2:nompi
packageversion v1_01_00 -qdebug:e2

In the future there will also be a UPS product for DAQDataFormats and DAQChannelMap.