NOvADDT on the NOvA VMs

We have the NOvA DDT framework living on the NOvA Virtual Machines.
If you are unsure how to access these then read this: Using the GPVM nodes

% ssh <username>

You can setup your environment easily by adding the following function to your profile ( ~/.bashrc):

function setup_novaddt
    echo "" 
    echo "NOvA DDT setup" 
    echo "" 
    echo "Setting SRT_DIST, EXTERNALS" 
    echo "Sourcing generic setup_novaddt script" 
    source /grid/fermiapp/nova/novaddt/srt/
    export EXTERNALS=/grid/fermiapp/products/nova/externals
    source $SRT_DIST/products/setup
    source $SRT_DIST/setup/ "$@" 
    echo "Working directory: $PWD" 

This sets up the necessary UPS products and the SRT environment variables.
In this case SRT_PUBLIC_CONTEXT points you to the codebase: