This object holds information about a peak resulting from a hough transform. A two point hough transform is performed on a pairs of DAQHits which results in a list of coordinates in hough space. In hough space a line through a pair of points is represented as a (rho, theta) coordinate. Rho is the distance of closest approach of the line to the origin. In the current implementation of the hough transform the origin is defined as (plane = 0,cell = 0). Theta is the angle of rho with respect to the origin in radians. If the number of these hough points that accumulate within a certain window of hough space is above a threshold this constitutes a peak. The member data stored in this peak object is:

  • _rho (average rho associated with peak)
  • _theta (average theta associated with peak)
  • _sigmarho (spread of rho)
  • _sigmatheta (spread of theta)
  • _significance (number of hough points in peak region)

The definition of this class can be found at: