The instructions previously on this page did not work. To get and build the code, see instead: DDT and Offline with MRB

What follows is an orphaned section that may still be useful (but probably should be moved elsewhere):

Tagging a Release and Building the UPS Product Files - Experts Only

NB Do not attempt to tag a release and build new product files without explicit permission from the production group.

First check that the code compiles and runs as expected. Then you need to update the version number in


to X.YY.ZZ and the value is determined by the previous tag. If you are adding functionality or tagging for a new release of ART, you want to update the minor version number, ie YY. If you are making a patch, update the ZZ.

The version is on the "parent" line of product_deps. You will also need to update the versions for the products that NOvADDT depends on in the product_deps file as well. Once those updates are done, you can should commit them to the repository. Then do

svn copy -m"some comment" 
To build a tagged release:
  1. Identify a local product directory
  2. cd infrastructure
  3. ./ <local product directory>
    This creates novaddt-<dot version>-source.tar.bz2 and novaddt/<ups version> in <local product directory>
  4. cd <local product directory>/novaddt/<ups version>
  5. setup ups (from anywhere)
  6. ./ <local product directory> <base qualifier> <debug|prof> [tar] >& <logfile> &

If you specify "tar", then novaddt-<dot version>-slf5-x86_64-<qualifier list>.tar.bz2 will be built in <local product directory>