Differences Between OnMon and DDT OnMon

This page details many of the points of difference between vanilla and DDT OnMon.

For a full description of DDT OnMon, see the details here. For vanilla OnMon, please refer to the OnMon wiki.

Removed Features

While vanilla OnMon has a producer, a viewer, and the capacity to do some track analysis, DDT OnMon currently only includes a variant the producer and omits the other two entirely. The reasoning behind this is threefold:

  1. Simplicity
    Propagating changes I make to the producer would be time-consuming, so I decided to drop all but the producer in an effort to keep the DDT producer from getting too complicated all at once.
  2. Utility
    Presently, DDT nearline monitoring is done using the vanilla OnMon producer, and no DDT information shows up in the viewer. From what I can tell, having the viewer working would be a lot less helpful than having a working producer. The same goes for track analysis, though I might go back and add that later if there's enough interest.
  3. Fundamentals
    Both the viewer and track analysis depend upon the producer. If I were to adapt one or both of them for DDT, it'd first be necessary to make the producer work with information needed by DDT. Starting out with just the producer permits future expansion without requiring parallel development of major components of DDT OnMon.

Furthermore, OnMon's extensive hardware monitoring capabilities have been amputated. The reasons for this really boil down to not wanting to duplicate the efforts of vanilla OnMon. There's already a great hardware monitoring system using vanilla OnMon, so we don't need to do the same thing when processing DDT files. Beyond that, removing hardware monitoring reduces both processing time and output file size, which helps reserve computing resources for other tasks.

Added Features

In the near future, this is where I'll list features I've added to DDT OnMon.


I'll list all the modifications I've made to the remaining pieces of vanilla OnMon in the process of developing DDT OnMon in this section.