Dark Suzy

Then do


In examples/aux/ you will then find the tool flxconv. This is the tool she needs to run.

1) From the website:
download the latest version
2) Unzip the folder
3) make sure to have XCode and Fortran available on your laptop.
If you don't have a Fortran compiler (why should we?! 😃) you can download it from here for mac: download gfortran 6.3 Website(
4)once you have that go in the darksusy folder and do:
To test whether the installation was successful, type
cd examples/test
and should give you exit status zero.
5) Go in the examples/aux folder and do
again if flxconv is not exectutable, otherwise simply
6) the code will ask you:
Enter WIMP mass [GeV]
Annihilation in the Earth('ea') or the Sun('su'):
Annihilation channel?
Density of target detector material (g/cm^3):
Now enter STARTING fluxes: What type of flux do you have?Now enter ENDING fluxes: What type of flux do you have?Enter kind of flux:
1 = integrated above E_min and below tehta_max
2 = differential in energy and angle
Enter energy threshold:
Enter opening angle (half-aperture) in degrees:

  • RESULTS ***
    mneu = 10.00 GeV wh = su ch = 11 dens = 0.9200 g/cm^3
    STARTING flux ENDING flux
    ------------- -----------
    e1 = 0.00 GeV e2 = 4.00 GeV
    th1 = 0.00 deg. th2 = 0.50 deg.
    kind1 = 0 kind2 = 1
    type1 = 31 type2 = 28
    Unit: pb Unit: km^-2 yr^-1
    Conversion from STARTING flux to annihilation rate (ann. s^-1):
    ====> Conversion factor cf2a = 4.8082842650328106E+027
    Conversion from annihilation rate (ann. s^-1) to ENDING flux:
    ====> Conversion factor ca2f = 2.0756870847127290E-026

    Conversion from STARTING flux to ENDING flux:
    ====> Conversion factor cf2f = 99.804935485560407