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h1. DDT Monitoring

h2. Useful Links

* "Full List of DDT Plots on Nearline":

> **Note - 06 Feb 2015**
> The link above is currently broken. After DDT nearline has been transitioned into the new nearline organizational scheme, this link will be updated to reflect the DDT plots' new home.

* [[Current_TriggerTriggerBit_Assignments|List of Current Trigger Bits]]

* [[Current Detector Trigger Rates|List of Current Detector Trigger Rates]]

* [[DDT Monitoring Chain|Breakdown of the DDT Monitoring Chain]]

h2. [[List of Current Metrics]]

* [[List of Current Metrics#Trigger Rates|Trigger Rates]]

h2. [[List of Upcoming Metrics]]

* [[List of Upcoming Metrics#Number of Empty Events|Number of Empty Events]]

* [[List of Upcoming Metrics#Time to Decision|Time to Decision]]

h2. [[DDT Monitoring Details|Trigger-Specific Monitoring Details]]

* [[DDT Monitoring Details#DDenergy|High Energy Trigger (DDenergy, trigger bit 13)]]

* [[DDT Monitoring Details#DDcalmu|Calibration Muon Trigger (DDcalmu, trigger bit 14)]]

* [[DDT Monitoring Details#DDupmu|Upgoing Muon Trigger (DDupmu, trigger bit 15)]]

* [[DDT Monitoring Details#DDnumu|Contained Muon Neutrino Trigger (DDnumu, trigger bit 16)]]

* [[DDT Monitoring Details#DDfast|Fast Monopole Trigger (DDfast, trigger bit 18)]]

* [[DDT Monitoring Details#DDslow|Slow Monopole Trigger (DDslow, trigger bit 19)]]

* [[DDT Monitoring Details#DDActivity1|Data-Driven Activity Trigger 1 (DDActivity1, trigger bit 21)]]

* [[DDT Monitoring Details#SNEWSBeatSlow|SNEWS Beat Slow (SNEWSBeatSlow, trigger bit 25)]]

* [[DDT Monitoring Details#SNEWSBeatFast|SNEWS Beat Fast (SNEWSBeatFast, trigger bit 26)]]

* [[DDT Monitoring Details#DDContained|Data-Driven Contained Vertex (DDContained, trigger bit 27)]]