DDT MC production

This is an instruction on how to use MockDataDAQ to generate MilliSlice files.

1. Check out MockDataDAQ package to your test_release

addpkg_svn -h MockDataDDAQ

2. Add necessary online package: DAQDataFormats, DAQQualityCheck, RawFileParser.

addpkg -hd DAQDataFormats
addpkg -hd RawFileParser
addpkg -hd DAQQualityCheck

3. Compile each of the packages:

gmake PackageName.all

4. Modify the fichl file MockDataDAQ.fcl, Make sure to set FillMilliSlices to be true, and change the OutPutDir to your own directory.

5. Run it over offline mc, like:

nova -c job/mockdatadaqjob.fcl -s filename

This produces millislice files in the output directory of your choice.