Current Detector Trigger Rates

These are the current nominal trigger rates for the detector streams

Trigger Nominal Rate Minimum Rate Maximum Rate Trigger Throttle Rate Description
NuMI Beam ($74) 0.45-0.75 Hz 1 Hz 50 Hz Timeline dependent
Booster Beam Disabled Disabled 50 Hz BooNE Beam (Near)
Software Periodic Pulser 10 Hz 10 Hz 10 Hz 50 Hz "Cosmic" stream
Software Random Pulser Disabled Disabled
Software Manual Trigger On demand -
Accel. 1 Pulse Per Second 1 Hz 1 Hz Accel GPS
Software Periodic Pulser (Stream) 1/60 1/60 1/60 Zero bias 5ms
Software Random Pulser (Stream) Disabled 0 Zero bias 5ms
Data Driven Triggers (DDTs)
Energy 8 Hz 1 Hz 12 Hz 15 Hz trigger on sum ADC
Calibration Muon 24 Hz 10 Hz 30 Hz tricell trigger
Upward-Going Muon 10 Hz
Contained Vertex 10 Hz
Contained Muon Neutrino 6 Hz 1 Hz 20 Hz
Fast Monopole 17 Hz 10 Hz 25 Hz 30 Hz
Slow Monopole 1 Hz 0.2 Hz 5 Hz 10 Hz
Moon/Sun trigger 20 Hz 0 Hz 25 Hz 30 Hz Trigger tracks Sun/Moon position and registers tracks coming from this direction
Near Det Activity (Var. 1) 40 Hz 5 Hz 80 Hz Updated the 8th of April 2015 to a new configuration that yields roughly double the rate
SNEWS Primary ~few per century Trigger sent from SNEWS @ BNL when there is a supernova
SNEWS Heart Beat (Slow) once per day at 8:30AM Trigger sent once a day from BNL, only one subrun per day will have this trigger, rate is completely dependent on subrun length
SNEWS Heart Beat (Fast) 0.02 Hz 0.01 Hz 0.03 Hz N/A Trigger sent once a minute from BNL, rate changes because of subrun length