Cookbook Incantations for DDT

Create CPU Sets for DAQ/DDT

sudo cset set -c 0     -m 0    -s system
sudo cset set -c 1,2   -m 1-3  -s daq
sudo cset set -c 3-15  -m 1-3  -s ddt

Migrate all system process to system partition

sudo cset proc -m -f root -t system

Move all filters to a process set

pgrep ddt-filter | xargs -I{} sudo cset proc -m -p {} --threads -t ddt

Adjust priorities

ps --no-headers -o pgid -p `pidof ddt-filter` | xargs -I{} sudo renice -20 -g {}

Move Buffer Node processes

sudo cset proc -m -p `pidof BufferNodeEVBapp` --threads -t daq