Build Instructions fo OpenSplice DDS SimD

1. Create the following directory structure and go into the newly created directory:

mkdir -p dds/{build,install}
cd dds

2. Check out the DDS SimD code from the online repository:

cvs co -d DDSSimD Online/pkgs/DDSSimD

3. Setup your UPS area (assuming that the products live in $EXTERNALS):

. $EXTERNALS/setup

4. Go into the build directory and configure the build (-d for debug and -p for prof when calling setup_for_development):

cd build
source ../DDSSimD/ups/setup_for_development -d

5. Build and install (the argument after -j is how many CPUs to use for the build):

make -j6
make install

6. You can now copy the package from $SIMD_PRODUCT_INSTALL_DIR to wherever you want to use it.


If you are having trouble with the build, as a first step, try to clean out your build directory (i.e. remove everything in it).

Updating Qualifier

When the art qualifier gets moved forward (e.g. e5), you need to update the following two files in DDSSimD:


1. Update the qualifier in the following line:

cet_have_qual( e5 )


1. Update the version and qualifier in the following line:

parent osddssimd   v0_9_1N5
defaultqual     e5
You need to increment the osddssimd version, so that the qualifiers don't write over each other, especially with regards to the ups table file.

2. Update the versions here:

product              version
gcc                  v4_8_2
boost                v1_55_0

3. Finally, update the qualifier here:

qualifier   osdds          boost         gcc    notes
e5:debug    GCC_4_5_1      e5:debug      -nq-   -std=c++11;-Wno-deprecated-declarations
e5:prof     GCC_4_5_1      e5:prof       -nq-   -std=c++11;-Wno-deprecated-declarations