Building DDT product for novasoft

We are doing now:

--Checkout version of dependencies we need to build -> latest version -> html file

--Checkout current built version of novadaqdeps
. /grid/fermiapp/products/nova/externals/setup

ups list -aK+ novasoft
ups depend novaddt v03_04_03 -q e7:prof
mkdir temp
cd temp
svn co svn+ssh:///cvs/projects/novaart-novadaqdeps/trunk novadaqdeps
cd ./novadaqdeps/table/NULL/UPS

emacs novadaqdeps.table, NULL/NULL_

--Here are commands useful for cvs repo management of novadaqdeps
cvs -d :/cvs/nova checkout Online/pkgs/ups
cvs -d :/cvs/nova tag -d R10_00_00 Online/pkgs/ups
cvs -d :/cvs/nova commit Online/pkgs/ups
cvs -d :/cvs/nova tag -F R10_00_00 Online/pkgs/ups

--Make everything intact with current needed versions
check with webpage and also use "ups list -aK+ libwda v2_21_1" etc..."
svn commit novadaqdeps.table

--Change new tag
Got to NOvA->NOvA-ART repo -> novaddtdeps repo -> check versions and check what should be new version
cd <your dir with novadaqdeps.table>
./novadaqdeps/ <new version>

--Checkout tagged version and check if it builds
(maybe new terminal)
. /grid/fermiapp/products/nova/externals/setup
setup mrb
setup ninja v1_5_3
export MRB_PROJECT=nova
export NOVADAQ_VERSION=<current novadaq version v04_02_00>
export NOVADAQDEPS_VERSION=<new novadaqdeps version>
export NOVADDTDEPS_VERSION=<current version of deovaddtdeps, example: v01_01_01>
mrb newDev -v devel -q e7:prof
source localProducts_nova_devel_e7_prof/setup
cvs -d :pserver::/cvs/nova checkout -d novadaqups Online/pkgs/ups

-open novadaqups/product_deps -> change version of defaultqual, novadaqdeps to new version
cvs ci // this commits code
chmod +x novadaqups/
novadaqups/ &lt;old version&gt; &lt;new version&gt; &lt;date in in YYYY-MM-DD&gt; &lt;tomorrow date in YYYY-MM-DD&gt;
sh  novadaqups/ $PWD
export NOVADAQ_VERSION=&lt;new version, say v04_03_00&gt;
mv novadaq/$NOVADAQ_VERSION/cet cet
rm -rf novadaq
mv cet novadaq

( svn co svn+ssh:///cvs/projects/novaddt/novaddt.svn/trunk novaddt )
mrb uc
svn co svn+ssh:///cvs/projects/novaart-novadaqdeps/tags/$NOVADAQDEPS_VERSION novadaqdeps
mrb uc
mrb i -j8 --tee

-- Install new version of novasoft to scisoft page
cd /grid/fermiapp/products/nova/externals/DOWNLOAD
rm <everything inside DOWNLOAD>
wget <location of output zip from Jenkins> . (example: wget*zip*/ .
cd ..
for a in `find DOWNLOAD/archive/outputTar/* -name "*.bz2" | grep SLF6`; do echo tar xf $a; done (we need SLF6 builds only, do it for test)
for a in `find DOWNLOAD/archive/outputTar/* -name "*.bz2" | grep SLF6`; do tar xf $a; done (now the same for real)
cd /grid/fermiapp/products/nova/externals/
emacs LOG (change LOG file: change versions)