Base Products

The base quantities that are available from the hit data are:

  • TDC (64bit time stamp in 64MHz Nova timebase)
  • ADC[] (array of ADC values representing the pulse height of the hit)
  • Plane (Plane number 1-960)
  • Cell (Cell number 1-384)
  • View (the view the hit exists in X or Y)
  • Channel (a fully qualified channel value from the DAQ)

Each of these values is defined as a simple struct with a single data member named "val". The template for each definition is:

// Definition of base product representing a TDC value
struct TDC {
  TDC(uint64_t const a):val(a){}  // Constructor for initialization
  typedef uint64_t value_type;
  value_type val;

The available types are ADC, TDC, Plane, Cell and View. These are used within the DAQHit class and also are used for many of the ordering and sorting data products and algorithms.


The DAQHit Class is designed to encapsulate the information from a single readout of a single channel on a front end board. The data formally is a reduced representation of the DAQ RawNanoSlice object which strips out the status information but adds in the fully qualified channel information and full width time stamp (normally nanoslices only have the lower 32bits of the time stamp and have only the link and pixel identifiers for their channel information).

The DAQHits form the core hit objects that are used for all other trigger processing.


Cluster Class


HoughPeak Class