12/17/2012 Notes


Yuri, Andrew, Zukai, Jaroslav and Martin (taking notes)

Far Detector MC

  • Ron and I are working on a source module for MC files. The ARTists told us to create a separate version of the NovaFragmentReader, called NovaFragmentFileReader.
  • Jaroslav asks what detector this MC input will be for and that brought up the point that our MC input must be able to read from a variable number of millislice files (i.e. DCMs).

Time Profiling

  • My first time values are given in NOvA DocDB 8373 on page 5. Andrew notes that these numbers look comparable to what he got last summer.
  • I hope to flesh these numbers out as more DDT modules become available and especially as soon as we can simulate the far detector.

Clusters and Offline Studies

  • Jan is out hiking, so no update on this front.

Message to GlobalTrigger

  • Andrew suggests that we talk with Marc Paterno to define our DDS message at the beginning of next year.

Integration with NDOS Operations

  • Andrew has talked with Peter about what we could do here.
  • We need something similar as the DAQApplicationManager.
  • After the meeting we went to talk with Peter and Kurt and they suggest to integrate our executable into the current DAQApplicationManager rather than creating a new instance.
  • Yuri has volunteered to take charge of this.


  • He shared a few plots from his study on NOvA DocDB 8304.
  • Based on this analysis, there will be a new firmware coming out that should fix this problem.
  • This new firmware will also have the new compressed hit (see Physics Algorithms and Computations), so Andrew asks everyone to take a look at his Wiki entry.


  • He just got back from China and will gear up on his monopole trigger again.

Collaboration Meeting

  • Andrew asked what we would like for the collaboration meeting and the consensus was to have plenty of working time again. He will request an entire afternoon session plus half of a morning for this.
  • Here is what we would like to see by the Collaboration Meeting:
    • Updated and more thorough timing studies.
    • Zukai's pattern recognition using Hough Transform.
    • DDS message to the global trigger.
    • Show an event display.
    • Have the MC input chain finished.

Next Meeting

  • Our next DDT meeting will be on Monday January 7th, 2013.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!!