12/15/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Kyle, Jan, Alec, Pengfei, Craig D., Craig G., Yuri and Martin (taking notes)

General Items

  • Perhaps we could use the higher farm nodes instead of the lower ones on FD to get more speed. I will talk with Peter and Jaroslav about this.
  • I will check the current configuration of the live time monitor.
  • I will also start to report the live time every week from now on.


  • Kyle will look and check whether he can get the DDcalmu stream for ND as well.


  • Yuri requested an extra boolean member to indicate whether the multi-point fit was successful on a given hit.
  • Before adding the member, we would like to understand better what the hits that fail look like.
  • Another option might be to filter them out right from the beginning.
  • Yuri will look into the failed hits, so we can categorize them.
  • Zukai also noted that we do not need to generate the MCSHits any longer, they are not used downstream.

Streamer Trigger

  • Streamer trigger is waiting for DAQ configuration.
  • I will coordinate with Alec to see what new GT things need to be configured.

DDT Hit Producer

  • Yuri would like some data that you can run the hit producer over.
  • The offline data cannot do that because the DDTConverter module already does the hit production.
  • Jan suggest that we write a module that converts the raw data into DDT hits. That way, we could run the hit producer on the RAW data.
  • Until such a module exists, I will produce DDT data on a per request basis.


  • Pengfei reports that there are some issues with the DDT processes on novadaq-far-farm-08.
  • When I checked, I see 13 processes running there.