12/10/2013 Notes

DocDB Event


Alec, Matthew, Andrew, Zukai, and Martin (taking notes)


  • The DDT Manager is ready!
  • I will test the DB interface as soon as possible and then ask Steve for some NDOS time this week.
  • Andrew notes that we need to add a security patch (all of DAQ is getting this).

FD Streamer Data

  • Zukai is trained in using the ManSender and has successfully recorded NDOS data.
  • Changing the ManSender delay from seconds to ticks is more involved, so Zukai will simply use
  • Andrew will ask for FD time to collect streamer data tomorrow.


  • Andrew made several fixes, so we need to update the following packages to get OnMon subscribed to one streamer:
    • EventDispatcher
    • OnMon
    • EventDisplay
  • Matthew will work on this more starting in the new year.

NuMu Trigger

  • Matthew gave a very nice talk showing his latest NuMu trigger studies (see DocDB Event above).