12/10/2012 Notes


Duyang, Brian, Jan, Evan, Xuebing and Martin (taking notes)

New Version of ARTDAQ

  • The latest version of ART and ARTDAQ are now being used and seem to work fine so far.

Far Detector MC

  • We divided the job into three parts:
  • Use MockDataDAQ to produce millislice files (.raw files in /nova/app/users/duyang/novasoft/rootfiles). Duyang successfully created these millislice files for each DCM. In DAQSimulator::fillMilliSlices(), Duyang added dcm_simulator->writeMilliSlices(), which he in turn added to DCMSimulator. The "TimeStart" of the milli slices is set to the global event time, which can be used downstream to divide the millislices into the right milliblock.
  • Loop over the millislice files and assemble them into milliblocks. I started this by writing a producer module, but Brian noted that this makes no sense since there is no event yet. At first, he suggested that we write an ART Source module that will create the event (e.g. DAQ2RawDigit's Later, however, we realized that this does not work for us so he suggested to talk with Chris Green on how to best import the data from Duyang's files.
  • Ron Rechenmacher is writing code that will take the milliblocks and place them into a memory segment that the DDT framework can then run over.

Event Display

  • Gavin is not here, so no update on this front.

Time Profiling

  • Chris Green gave me instructions last week on how to compile our code with "prof" instead of the standard "debug" flag and I hope to do this later this week.

Clusters and Offline Studies

  • Jan will rewrite the cluster and fragment code to not care about the 2D view any longer.

Message to GlobalTrigger

  • Andrew is in Wichita, so no update on this front yet.

SVN Email Notification

  • I followed Marc Mengel's instructions for this, but it does not work yet. Brian took a brief look and realized that I did not place the post-commit script into the novaddt.svn directory. After this fix, it works!