12/03/2013 Notes


Barnali, Jan, Alec, Matthew, Andrew, Zukai, and Martin (taking notes)

NDOS Running

  • We are gearing up for a potential week long run at NDOS next week.
  • I am working on the DDT Manager and will hopefully get done this week.

FD Running

  • The DAQ software is far behind here, so running DDT is a bit involved. We'll need a DAQ test release to get anything running.
  • Andrew thinks that we should simply collect zero-bias data.
  • We can use Alec's ManSender for this.
  • Andrew will talk with Peter on how to best do this and he will try to schedule this for this week some time.


  • Matthew continues to work on OnMon.
  • Andrew talked with Michael yesterday about having OnMon subscribe to individual trigger streams.
  • The code for this broke during the last few updates, so Andrew has been debugging it this morning.

ART Version

  • Jan gives us good news about the latest ART version!
  • It will use the latest Root version: 5.34.12
  • Chris G. believes that he will have everything compiled by the end of today.


  • Let's see how things stand with the DAQ release at tomorrow's DAQ meeting and then try to push on getting a reasonable tag for DDT and Offline.

FD Timing Peak

  • Andrew asked Matthew whether we could deploy the NuMu trigger on FD to start looking for the timing peak.
  • Matthew says that he needs the latest ART version to have his associations working.