12/03/2012 Notes


Andrew, Gavin, Duyang, Evan, Jan, Jaroslav, and Martin (taking notes)

SVN Migration

  • Migration was completed successfully migrated last week.


  • Let's have our own SoftRelTools package. I will take care of this with Xuebing's help.

SVN Email Notification

  • I will submit a ticket for Marc Mengel to get this started.

Event Display

  • DocDB 8285 shows Gavin's talk.
  • Gavin will follow up with Denis about detector IDs

New Version of ARTDAQ

  • Gavin will show me how to update the artdaq version and manage the UPS products properly.

Far Detector MC

  • Duyang reports that we met with Denis and that he suggested to run his MockDataDAQ through the DAQ system and then spy on the BNEVB (Buffer Node Event Builder) for the shared memory segment.
  • Andrew thinks that this avenue might be useful when doing time studies in the future, but not to generate analysis-worthy MC.
  • Duyang and I need to talk with Ron about how to do this in software only without the whole DAQ machinery.

Time Profiling

  • I am trying to meet with Chris Green to talk about this.

Clusters and Offline Studies

  • Jan was able to get the trigger mask going and he made a few upgrades to DAQHit.

Message to GlobalTrigger

  • Andrew has been very busy, so no progress yet.