12/01//2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Kyle, Alec, Adam, Craig G., Andrew and Martin (taking notes)

General Items

  • 5 ms pulser trigger will be ready after Jan's DAQ release update.
  • Once this is available, we can use it and will not have to collect streamer data!

New Software

  • We will roll forward the software:
    • still use small multi-point table
    • I will request this roll-forward on Wednesday.
    • Yuri and Zukai will test the new sparsified table and report on it next week.
  • Craig would like more regular software updates.
  • Andrew proposes monthly updates that we roll in during downtimes.
  • We need a test machinery for this.
  • We had a discussion on the ADC value fitting at the hit producer level for the software roll-forward on Wedenesday:
    • Since we only have the small table (up to 400 ADC) available at this point, we would need to fit all of the hits above 400 ADC.
    • This will take an additional second for the hit producer.
    • We decided that we will leave the fitting off until the new sparsified table is ready.
    • Zukai will update the FD FHICL.

NIM Papers

  • We will have one trigger paper.
  • This will include spill and pulser triggers. Also, the Global Trigger will be described in this paper.
  • Andrew would like to have a first draft in early January and be able to send this around to the collaboration in February.