11/26/2013 Notes


Alec, Jan, Michael, Matthew, Barnali, Zukai, and Martin (taking notes)

OnMon Discussion

  • With the event dispatcher, you can run an instance of OnMon subscribing to a subset of the trigger bits from the event dispatcher.
  • The second possibility is to add some plotting "modules" to OnMon that would listen to specific streams.
  • OnMon is designed to simply take the data and dump it into histograms on a nanoslice basis, it is not designed for more sophisticated reconstruction.
  • Matthew has kindly volunteered to spend a few hours before Christmas on this, so we can get a very basic version going in the control room.
  • OnMon takes some time to process the data, so you lose some events because the event dispatcher will drop the events at some point.
  • Matthew points out that if we have a separate instance of OnMon running that subscribes to only one stream, we would never have this problem of falling behind the dispatcher.

Nightly Builds

  • Offline builds in parallel on
  • Jan suggests that we do the same for DDT for both debug and prof.
  • Jan showed me the structure and perhaps we will move there in the new year. Jan will be here at the end of January, so perhaps we can work on this together then.