11/26/2012 Notes


Andrew, Brian, Gavin, Duyang, Evan, Jan, Xuebing, Jaroslaw, and Martin (taking notes)

SVN Migration

  • Xuebing has been able to migrate the DDT modules from CVS to SVN following the steps on the NOvA ART Wiki.
  • Jon needs to migrate the SRT scripts before we can proceed. Andrew has set a strict deadline for end of business tomorrow for him to get this done. Otherwise, Xuebing will do it.
  • We will do the migration tomorrow afternoon.
  • In case the anonymous access does not work with SVN either, Brian suggested to set up kchron to renew the Kerberos credentials periodically.

Collaboration Meeting Goals

  • We need FD MC. Duyang will get MockDataDAQ to produce a vector of millislices and I will help him (perhaps with Ron) to get this into the DDT world.
  • We need the event display to work. Gavin needs to know what products we want to draw. Evan requests a HtList.
  • I will look at the time profiling of our trigger. We agreed to look at the time it takes to generate time slices.
  • Jan will finish the Cluster code and would like to do some parameter studies for the Offline.
  • Andrew would like to finish the trigger chain (i.e. send DDS message to GlobalTrigger).

DDT Meeting Agenda until Collaboration Meeting

  • Far Detector MC
  • Event Display
  • Time Profiling
  • Clusters and Offline Studies
  • Message to GlobalTrigger