11/19/2012 Notes


Andrew, Brian, Duyang, Evan, Jan, Xuebing, and Martin (taking notes)


  • He committed the Track Fitter module last week, but gets a run time error.
  • He is looking into Denis' MockDAQ code to see where the millislices are created. Andrew noted that all we need is a vector of millislices.

Action Items

  • He and I will look at his track fitter run time error.
  • He will look further into Denis' code to see where the millislices are written out.


  • He is still waiting for online data.

Action Items

  • We will help him commit his code to the repository.


  • He finished the spatial slicer module and will commit it shortly.


  • He complains that he is not on the CVS commit list, but Brian already fixed it!
  • He wants to help with the SVN migration.

Action Items

  • He will sit down with Marc Mengel to figure out the migration.


  • I am working on the analyzer module that loops over the trigger decisions.

Action Item

  • Get the analyzer working.
  • Once the module runs, Andrew and I want to talk with the Artists to integrate the DDS messaging.


Action Items

  • He will think about goals for the collaboration meeting in January.