11/17/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Zukai, Yuri, Matthew, Kyle, Bruno, Alec, Andrew and Martin (taking notes)

Multipoint Lookup Table

  • Current lookup table is ~10 to 30 MB.
  • New lookup table is 200 MB large.
  • We need to sparsify the lookup table somehow.
  • Zukai talked about this as well in his talk and requests that we deploy this as soon as possible.
  • Andrew proposes that we use his sparsification scheme that he coded up in DAQUnpackUtils.
  • Yuri will have a look at it.

Hough Trackers

  • Matthew notes that the auto-configure is upstream in the contained slicer of the contained tracker and it would be very time-intensive to change it for the full tracker.
  • We decided to keep the contained trigger in as well because tracking only takes 85 ms.
  • However, it would be nice to switch it out to use the common tracker when FD is stable enough that the auto-configure is not necessary any longer.
  • I asked Bruno and Matthew to get things ready to change in the FHICL, so if we decide to make the change, it is easy to implement.

ND Activity Trigger

  • Andrew suggests to consider using an alternative to the current continuity cut because it is very sensitive to gaps.
  • Andrew furthermore thinks that we should not compare to tricell hits since these tracks are quite steep.
  • Bruno will try to produce efficiency and purity distributions where he is looking for good calibration tracks.
  • Alec also suggests to look at the ND MC.

Monopole Studies

  • Zukai needs the fine timing at FD to finalize his triggers.