11/12/2012 Notes


  • FHICL files for each module.
  • Addition/Subtraction operators.
  • Trigger Decision Object (DocDB 8198)
  • DDT MC


Duyang, Jaroslaw, Xuebing, Gavin, Jan, Evan, and Martin


  • We decided to follow the Offline model of writing a job FHICL file and a parameter FHICL file. The latter can then simply be included by other job FHICL files.

Addition/Subtraction Operators

  • We decided that addition and subtraction operations between our base data products (e.g. TDC) will return the value (e.g. TDC::value_type). This can certainly change in the future if there is a compelling reason.

Trigger Decision Object (DocDB 8198)

  • Gavin noted that it would probably be more robust to have the INVALID trigger mask first since its value would not change with the addition of more trigger masks.


  • He will run his millislice time checker once he gets permission to run on NDOS.


  • He made a cosmic ray track fitter module (not commited yet).
  • Brian and Andrew urged him not to use a vector of Fragments, but rather use one Fragment, so he did that.
  • He asked whether the begin time should be the time of the first hit or the time of the first hit associated with the track. We agreed that it should be the latter.
  • He needs to know the maximum allowed distance of a hit from the track such that the hit is still considered part of the track. Jan suggested a default distance of 2 (cells/planes). Evan noted that this should probably be a FHICL parameter.
  • Jan added that he would like to have an associated hit list somewhere, so that his Cluster code can use the energies of the individual hits.


  • Explcitly declaring destructor solved his problem from last week (see Errors).


  • He will write a module that will slice the time slices spatially by plane (cut out empty plane regions).
  • This module will return a vector of HitLists for now. We had a long discussion on whether or not to associate these small HitLists with Fragments, but no decision was made. After Evan codes this vector of HitLists up, we can think about how to move forward.


  • HitSorters/SortByPlane has been committed.
  • DDTDemo compiles and runs and demonstrates the implementation of the TriggerDecision vector.

Action Items


  • Everyone will write a parameter FHICL file for their modules.
  • Let Duyang know what else you might want from the Track class.


  • Commit new code to repository.


  • Commit new code to repository.
  • Add FHICL parameter for maximum allowed distance of a hit from a track to still be associated with that track.
  • Start work on DDT MC.


  • Write spatial slicer module that returns a vector of HitLists.


  • Move INVALID trigger mask to beginning of enum.
  • Check that addition/subtraction operators return the right type.
  • Update Base Releases.
  • After Andrew returns, talk with Artists about analyzer module that will issue the trigger decisions (DocDB 8198).