11/10/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Bruno, Alec, Kyle, Yuri, Jan, Craig G., Craig D., Alex Radovic, Andrew and Martin (taking notes)

ND Activity Trigger

  • Bruno and Alex will have a look at the min-bias data and see what rate of events even has reconstructable tracks.
  • Alex will point Bruno to some useful reconstruction modules for this study.
  • I will point Alex to the min-bias data.
  • I will check the prescales for the ND activity and tricell triggers.

ADC Values

  • Zukai showed that the ADC values that DDT sees do not agree what Nearline reports.
  • Andrew believes that this might be because we are grabbing a raw ADC value instead of a baseline subtracted/DCS value.
  • Yuri and I will look into the code to make sure that we set the proper ADC value.
  • The nanoslice might even offer a GetDCSADC() method.


  • There may be some Booster downtime next week.
  • I will try to see whether we might continue our long trigger window testing then.