11/9/2015 Notes

DocDB Event


Norm, Serdar, Enhao, Alec, Craig G., Craig D., Andrey, Zukai and Martin (taking notes)

Michel Electron Trigger

  • Norm Buchanan from CSU is interested in writing a Michel trigger as recommended by Andrew.
  • Kyle and Alec are also working on such a trigger, so I asked them to keep each other in the loop to avoid duplicated effort.

Moon Shadow Trigger

  • Serdar will not require a rebuild at this time.
  • Next, he will see whether he can improve the Hough tracker by applying an ADC cut.
  • He will use the HighADCFilter to apply this cut.
  • The only other active party using the Hough tracks is Andrey and his Supernova trigger, so Serdar will stay in communication with him about his changes.

Slow Monopole Trigger

  • Zukai showed the old slicer performance (ADC cut > 500) so we see that splitting occurs as early as beta = 5e-3 whereas his new slicer configuration gets down to beta = 5e-4.


  • Serdar, Enhao and I will have a look at the DDContained rate for the gain = 150 data.
    • If the rate is not too unreasonable, we might increase its throttle from 10 Hz.
  • We will set the overall DDT throttle to the sum of all the individual throttles.
    • Sun/Moon will only be counted as one 30 Hz throttle.

SNEWS Monitoring

  • 8:30 am slow SNEWS trigger should be monitored.
  • We should check whether the data is complete.
  • Alec thinks that the best would be to plug this into the Watchdog (Nearline) monitoring.
    • Running this through the Nearline might not be the most straightforward way since the huge files will likely crash their histogram makers.
    • We need a job to check the completeness.
    • Kyle can help out with this, so I will keep him in the loop.

Supernova Trigger

  • Andrey's talk has been postponed to tomorrow's Exotics meeting.