11/05/2013 Notes

DocDB Event


Jon, Yuri, Zukai, Jan, Matthew, and Martin (taking notes)

DDS Shell Script

  • I hardcoded the OSPL_URI in the startDDTFilter script for the DAQAppMgr.
  • Kurt pointed out that this will not work once the partition or detector will change.
  • He wrote a setup script that handles this (DAQOperationTools/, but it depends on th DAQ environment.
  • I failed to offload this on anyone else, so I will take a close look at writing a similar script for DDT.

Dropped Event Count

  • Ron's shared memory segment keeps track of the number of dropped events/milliblocks with a variable called total_missed.
  • We can spy on this variable using ShowShmRdWr, so I will write a similar program that will print out the dropped number of events in a slightly more user-friendly way.
  • In our 7 hour run two weeks back, we only dropped 40 events!

Association Issue

  • Matthew wrote a little test program to test the associations and it worked, so the problem is with the NuMu trigger program rather than ARTDAQ.

Next ART/ARTDAQ Release

  • Jan reports that a new patch of Root was released last week and the Artists are working on getting the latest version out as soon as possible.

DDT Manager

  • Build the FHICL file based on information in the database.
  • The configuration manager will do this.
  • Yuri and I will get together early next week to start to put this together.

GT Config

  • We have started a discussion with Alec on changing the GlobalTriggerRunConfig XML format slightly.
  • I hope that we can make a decision on how to proceed fairly soon, so that I can edit the GTConfig code from the DB side by the end of the week.

Test Run

  • If we can get the GT Config sorted out, we are ready for the test run during my shift next week.