11/4/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Bruno, Pengfei, Alec, Kyle, Yuri, Jan, Craig G., Andrew and Martin (taking notes)


  • Andrew would like to see energy distributions for Yuri's tracks.
  • Yuri will send around example code on how to use the fine timing.
  • Matthew should switch to using Yuri's Hough Tracker because it is more inclusive.

Non-Bias Trigger

  • Andrew believes that we should implement another calibration trigger that writes out a full milliblock every minute or so.
  • This will be a nice non-bias sample over a long period of time.
  • Before this can be deployed online, we need to upgrade the NovaGlobalTrigger.
  • We may also need to update the configuration to be able to handle this.
  • Until this is available, we will continue to collect streamer data every once in a while.

Live Time

  • Andrew will push on Peter to get this status block implemented.
  • In the meantime, it might be useful to get someone to publish Rob's data to the database.
    • Andrew suggested that we somehow tie this live time monitoring to
    • This would mean that we measure the missed milliblocks on each node individually.

Shifter Instructions

  • Andrew would like us to implement a DDT checklist for the shifter.
  • We should also update our shifter wiki.

ND Activity Trigger

  • Bruno will consult with Alex Radovich to see what he thinks of the new cuts.
  • If it all looks good to him, we can request to deploy this.
  • Andrew says that ND can handle 100% live read-out, so we should not be concerned about rates being too high.
  • Bruno will also double-check that the rate he measured corresponds to what Ganglia reports when we collected the streamer data.


  • Kyle needs target rates from everyone.
  • Let's add this information here: Current Detector Trigger Rates
  • Kyle will implement the empty events and time to decision plots.
  • After that is done, Yuri and Kyle will work on implementing the first trigger specific metric.