10/29/2013 Notes

DocDB Event


Alec, Zukai, Jan, Matthew, and Martin (taking notes)

Base Release

  • We are now using the latest and greatest ART and ARTDAQ.
  • Jan pointed out that we need to add the no-unused-typedef warning flag to the general file. This will take care of all warnings, including from the DAQ packages. I will add this after this meeting.
  • There is a bug in Root that has been patched and will be released with a new version of ART as soon as it is available.
  • Online tag is soon to come, so we can use all tagged online package.
  • Talk to Brian about availability of e4 versus nu:e4.

Test Run

  • Run with shifter tools.
  • Yuri recommends that we use the DAQAppMgr instead of his latest tool since he wants to finish it first.
  • We will run only one process per buffer node to put some miles on our trigger.
  • Perhaps have a DDT form in the ECL to report status/problems with DDT.


  • Alec suggests that we add a static FHICL parameter for each trigger.
  • The model is that prescaling is handled in the DDT and then reported to the GT. This prevents a trigger to shut down the messaging system.
  • Jan and Alec have some lovely ideas of a Service/Class that can control the prescales based on the rates. However, nobody has time to work on this now.
  • For now, we will add a static parameter to each trigger module called "prescale".
  • The rule will be that whoever does not include a prescale will not be run in the global configuration.
  • Zukai will write the sample code and send it around for everyone to implement. He will also update the TriggerDecision class to have a prescale member that gets passed to the SendTriggerSignal module.

Common Tracker

  • Brian agreed to take tracking from a common tracker.
  • Zukai and Matthew will sort out what exact parameters they want to use.
  • We will use the Hough Tracker.
  • First, I need to finish my changes to the Hough Tracker before Zukai and Matthew can continue.