10/15/2013 Notes

DocDB Event


Yuri, Zukai, Jan, Matthew, Alec and Martin (taking notes)

Collaboration Meeting

  • Most of the plans were shown in my talk and everyone will come prepared.
  • People generally liked the idea of an additional working time room on Thursday and Friday, so I will reserve something.
  • Yuri will give a brief talk about his integration plans.

Hough Tracker

  • I have finished a version of the Hough Tracker that takes advantage of internal parallelization using TBB.
  • I asked whether people cared about the associations created by the Hough Tracker and the answer was a resounding YES, so I will spend a little more time to get TBB to work with the associations.
  • There is a FHICL parameter that toggles the use of TBB (i.e. parallel or serial). This parameter is boolean and is called "parallel".

Slow Monopole Trigger in Offline

  • Zukai committed a Eval/SMNEff_module to the Offline world to translate his algorithm into the Offline world.