10/14/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Alec, Kyle, Yuri, Jan (with broken mic), Craig G., Zukai and Martin (taking notes)

DAQ Stress Tests

  • Alec needs Louise's help (or at least approval) to get the datalogger patched. I will talk with her and set up a test time.
  • DDT needs to set the RMS queue depth environment variable and it needs to match the DAQ's.

Trigger Decisions

  • Alec proposed a general solution to the double-trigger issue that we saw with the high energy trigger.
  • He kindly volunteered to try implementing this.

Time Slice Product

  • Last week, I wrote a Time Slicer that produces vectors of HitLists instead of the less convenient GroupedHitLists.
  • I don't have time to test it, so Alec volunteered again to take a look at it (as a low priority item).
  • I will send him my version of the module.

NuMu Trigger

  • It is running again!
  • I removed its prescale this morning.

UpMu Trigger

  • Yuri overcame last week's issues and the UpMu trigger is running now.
  • He will talk with Matthew to come up with a common set of houghtrackers to run that both UpMu and NuMu can use.

Fast Monopole Trigger

  • Zukai reported that the number of saturated hits (ADC > 3000) in FD seems to have greatly reduced.
  • We will need to investigate this more.

Maxopt Build

  • Based on Kyle's plots, it seems that we may not be running the maxopt build.
  • From the log files it seems that we are indeed using the maxopt build.