10/08/2013 Notes

DocDB Event


Craig D., Zukai, Jan, Matthew, Brian, Alec and Martin (taking notes)

NDOS Tests

  • Everyone gave a nice update linked from the event above.
  • Based on my update, it seems that we need to set up our processing as following:
    • read in one event
    • process one event
    • read in the next event
  • Perhaps there is a configuration parameter for the read queue to give us this behavior. I will look into this.

Time Lag Issue

  • Jan gives a verbal update on the time lag issue.
  • Jan noticed that we started writing out empty events when a process' memory usage became larger than 15%.
  • We then did some time print outs and saw that this corresponds to ~25 s. This means that the BNEVB data buffer is around 25 s deep and once we exceed that in processing, we cannot retrive that data anymore.
  • We need a way to skip events when we start falling behind.
  • Andrew notes that this should be handled in Ron's memory reader.

Plots for CHEP Talk

  • Andrew needs plots for his talk in Amsterdam.

Tricell Trigger

  • Brian ran over the raw 5 ms data.
  • He noticed that things can crash when there is an empty HitList.
  • He committed a bit of code to deal with this gracefully.


  • Matthew asked if we can resolve the associations issue that cropped up last week due to the TriggerDecision instance label.
  • We decided that we will remove the instance label from the TriggerDecisions. I will take care of this.

Hit Sorting

  • Zukai would like to have the CompareDAQHit<TDC> function sort by TDC, then plane and finally cell if the TDC values are the same.
  • We decided to do this.