10/07/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Alec, Kyle, Yuri, Jan, Craig G., Zukai, Andrew, Pengfei and Martin (taking notes)

DAQ Stress Tests

  • We need to get Ron into the loop to understand why we can only write out 50 ms of data.
  • I will coordinate with Ron and Jaroslav to get some more testing time.

Collaboration Meeting

  • Andrew will organize a DDT working session.

CHEP 2015

  • List of Talks/Posters:
    • DAQ Overview (Peter)
    • DDT Overview (Andrew)
    • Timing Talk
    • Supernova/SNEWS (Jan)
    • Upward-going Muons (Craig G.)
    • Database (Jon P.)
    • DAQ Monitor (Sue K.)
    • Error Handling (Peter)
    • and a bunch of Offline talks


  • Kyle noticed that all of the eventless DDfastmono files are in SAM, but only a fraction of the DDslowmono files.
  • I will investigate this.

Fast Monopole Trigger

  • Zukai will add a configuration looking at DB 4 through 14.
  • This depends on whether DB 4 will come back soon. Zukai will check with Rob Plunkett and then decide on the exact boundaries.