10/5/2015 Notes

DocDB Event


Serdar, Enhao, Craig G., Alec, Andrey, Leon and Martin (taking notes)


  • You cannot see the shared memory segment in ipcs, but you see it in /dev/shm/.
  • Nobody is concerned with this clashing with the other DAQ shared memory segments (e.g. BNEVB or DDS).
    • I brought it up to Andrew over lunch and he has no concerns either.
  • Serdar will build a new tagged version v03_05_00 and I will request testing time in the morning.

DDT Event Display

  • Serdar will commit his package to the Offline repository.
    • He will call it DDTEventDisplay to parallel the EventDisplay package.
    • He will include an html directory to save all of the HTML and JS code in the repository.