10/01/2013 Notes

DocDB Event


Craig D., Alec, 2Matthew, Jan, Andrew, Zukai, and Martin (taking notes)

New Shared Milliblock

  • Ron finished the redesign of the shared milliblock and we successfully tested it on NDOS last Friday.
  • This code lives in the ShmRdWr package in the DAQ.
  • I will remove the ShmRdWr package from DDT and start using the one from DAQ.
  • I will also rebuild the release on the various machines.


  • The old DAQAppMgr still works, but it can only start one process on each node.
  • Andrew has a hack to get several processes spun up.
  • In the long term, we hope to use Yuri's RC client. Test beam is over now, so we will hopefully get him back.

Trigger Configuration

  • A package that contains the trigger FHICL files: DDTGlobalConfigurations
  • Name convention: DDTGlobalConfiguration-<detector>-<comment>-<SVN revision number>.fcl
  • I will create an NDOS and FD file for now.
  • The database will add <run#>-<data> to the end of the file.

Far Detector Tests

  • Zukai and Jan ran some tests on FD last week and reported their progress in two very nice talks (see Event).


  • Can the production group process our RAW data?
  • I will talk with Gavin to see how we should organize this most conveniently for them.

NDOS and FD Testing

  • I will talk to Steve to get some NDOS testing time.
  • Andrew will try to fight for some more FD time.