09/30/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Andrew, Yuri, Zukai, Craig G., Craig D., Alec, Mehreen, Kyle, Pengfei, Jan and Martin (taking notes)

Repository Clean-Up

  • Andrew pointed out that we will need the DAQUnpackUtils to decompress the packed hits.
    • We can get rid of it in DDT if it exists in DAQ.
  • We will keep GroupedHitList class around, but will change what the TimeSlicer produces to std::vector<HitListt>

Supernova Special Run

  • We have scheduled the first part of this test where we check what length of time the DAQ can write out for next Monday (10/6).
    • I will request permission from Jaroslav.
    • We will get started right after the 10 am Operations meeting on Monday.
    • Andrew will be able to join us in the afternoon to help us fix all the things we'll break.
  • The second part of implementing the SNEWS triggers can happen that same day if we finish or we can try it the following day.
    • Jan will be on Swing shift next Tuesday, so he could monitor it into the evening.

Streamer Data

  • We will also collect some streamer data next Monday.
  • Jan points out that the SNEWS heartbeat will also be a nice source of minbias data.
  • I would also like to collect a little bit of data that DDT can be run over directly.

Up-Mu Trigger

  • Craig gave a talk about the up-mu trigger at Exotics preceding this meeting.
  • Yuri and I will try to test the trigger this week some time.
  • Yuri and I will also think about whether using two trigger bits would be best or whether we should simply use the additional trigger header space that Alec made available.

High Energy Trigger

  • I also gave an update at Exotics about duplicate events seen by the High E trigger.
  • We decided to follow option 1 and trigger on time slices that contain at least one space slice meeting the trigger requirement.
  • Option 2 could be explored once we have full FD data available again.