09/24/2013 Notes

DocDB Event


Jan, Alec, Andrew, Zukai, and Martin (taking notes)

Calibration Trigger

  • Andrew reports that at some super secret meetings, it was requested to deploy the Tri-Cell trigger.
  • This trigger will provide all of the data that the calibration needs in minutes!
  • Brian is putting together a technical note explaining the trigger, its predicted rates, and efficiency.

Trigger Deployment

  • We need a DAQApplicationManager clone of DDT to control ddt-filter processes.
    • Yuri is working on this, but is tied up with Mu2e for the next weeks.
    • I asked what would be wrong with using the manager he has already written and Andrew says nothing!
    • I will look into trying to use Yuri's old manager, so we have something to use right away.
  • We also need an automatic way to roll in triggers via the DAQConfigurationManager.
    • Zukai attempted to do this, but got stuck with the misidentified tab.
    • Craig D. wants Zukai to focus on the algorithm and stop working on integration.
    • I have some time, so I will try to take this work over from Zukai.
  • Ron needs to redesign the shared memory segment.
    • However, this does not have to be complete for deployment.
    • We could just run one reader.

Detector Data

  • Run the streamer trigger to generate more min-bias data. Zukai can do this.
  • Zukai would also like to run the tests that he presented at outfitting yesterday:
    • Is the detector synced?
    • Why is the fast monopole data not being written?
  • Andrew will request FD time from Rick.
  • Andrew asked Jan to spin up the Nu_Mu trigger during the FD tests.

Data Processing Workshop Fallout

  • A lot of interest to run DDT to provide backups to the beam trigger.
  • Mark, Gary, and Peter will back us up if we need anything.


  • We already have talks describing the low level DDT details (DocDB ??) and describing the slicers (DocDB ??).
  • Everyone agrees that we need a basic manual that summarizes components in a paragraph each.
  • Use DAQDataFormats template to write a "DDT manual".
  • I will start to put this together with the lower level modules (e.g. sorters and slicers).

Monopole Trigger

  • Zukai gave a very nice update on his trigger efficiency curves in the linked talk from the event above.
  • He also shared some plots from his ELOG (NOvA DocDB user and password) with us.