9/24/2012 Notes

Attending: Andrew, Brian, Zukai, Martin, Gavin, Xuebing, Athans, Evan, Jan

Martin will take data on the detector today. Martin will put instruction on the Wiki when he is done.

DAQ Dataformats:

Need to reconcile with Denis to move forward. Can we tag the version that we are using.

Martin update on grouped hit list:

ART group suggested factory functions for constructors.

PTR vectors

Are orginal hit list always there so we can store the ptr to the hit instead of the hit for subsequent accesses.

Zukia Committed monopole ana with example service for novaddt

Evan working on multi-dcm muon trigger.

DocDB catagory.

action items:

Get DDF nice and clean
Monte Carlo Generation needs work to get SHMilliBlock format generation done