09/23/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Pengfei, Zukai, Alec, Craig D., Craig G., Kyle, Bruno, and Martin (taking notes)


  • Turn on NuMu trigger.
  • Alec would like to write a module to generate rb::Clusters from DAQHits.
    • I will send him the crude way that I have done this in the Offline Monopole package (SlowMonopoleFilt).

Repository Clean-Up

  • We agreed to clean up the repository as proposed in my talk.
  • Prescale modules will go into DDTPrescale.
  • We will remove DAQUnpackUtils.
  • We will move HoughPoint to DDTBaseDataProducts.
  • All of the developers should have a look at their package and weed out unused trigger modules.
  • Alec suggests to get rid of GroupedHitList all together and just use vectors of HitLists.
    • We decided to hold off on this until there is a more explicit reason to do it.

Bigger BN Farm

  • Alec points out that the amount of sent DDS messages might pose a problem.

Double-Triggered Events

  • Zukai points out that it is likely 2 space slices within the same time slice that cause the trigger.
    • In other words, two separate parts of the detector trigger on the same event.

OnMon Update

  • Kyle will print out some more detailed information to understand why the trigger rate plot looks so scattered.
  • I will send Kyle the empty event plot that already exists in OnMon, so he knows what exactly we need.
  • Once the empty events and trigger rates look good, he should add the time to trigger decision.
  • After that, I proposed to have a workshop at one of our collaboration meetings where everyone can submit their favorite metric.

Multipoint Implementation in Offline

  • I will look over Rob's talk and discuss what implementation would be best.

Activity Trigger

  • Alec will fix the long title of DDActivity1 in DAQDataFormats.
  • I will check the ND EVD to see whether our activity triggered events show up.
  • Bruno will start to look at the data.
    • I will put him into contact with Alex Radovic to minimize work duplication.