09172012 Notes

In attendance: Andrew, Gavin, Brian, Martin, Jan, Zukai, Evan, Xuebing


  • NOvA DDT now running on virtual machines (NOvADDT_on_the_NOvA_VMs)
  • Added documentation of adding packages to CVS
  • Version problems with DAQDataFormats, need to figure out which versions are appropriate and put them in the repository
    • So far the one that compiles is in the repository
  • Changed HoughPoint to use DAQHit and updated relevant modules
  • DDTProto doesn't compile anymore, GroupedHitList problem?
  • DDTDemo is the new trigger test, now conforms to naming conventions and it compiles
  • CVS commit messages now going out to DDT devs
  • Repository now shows up correctly on the wiki
  • An area on novaana for trigger, we should put data files there
    • Need more data files
    • These are from the real NDOS that get saved to a root file
  • Package organization: One package per category
    • Move Monopole trigger to ExoticsTrigger
    • CalibrationTrigger
    • MuonTrigger
    • EMTrigger
  • Convention for namespace
    • novaddt is the global namespace
    • No free functions!
      • Or else...

Action Items

  • Figure out tagged version that works
  • When Denis has something new on DAQDataFormats, we'll update


  • Initial version of MonopoleTrigger committed
  • Using DDTBaseDataProducts, except old version of DAQHits
  • Tested on file of 5k events
  • Threshold of trigger is three saturated ADC and two hits on the edge of detector
    • Nothing triggered
    • Will look into it this week

Action Items

  • Toy Analyzer


  • Make trigger based on incoming angle in two dimensions
  • Of the tracks we would select about 60-80% of the hits on those tracks would be usable for calibration

Action Items

  • Xuebing will work on pi zero trigger
  • Brian will help Xuebing and finish his module


  • GroupedHitList
    • Increase readability
    • Coding convenience of Boundary struct
    • Add start and end in as Boundaries into BoundaryList
  • Are users ever going to see BoundaryLists and OrderedHitLists?
    • If no then make them members of GroupedHitList class
    • OrderedHitList might be a good idea to have by itself
      • Partition is expensive and might not need it if all you want is ordering
    • Decided to leave as is
  • User is expected to split x and y views
  • Then create two GroupedHitLists

Action Items

  • Walk through the logic of the class and make sure sensible numbers get returned
  • Make function members more general than just TDC
  • GroupedHitList should maybe take an OrderedHitList


  • Checked out Demo package and cleaned up a bit
  • Added GroupedHitList default constructor to allow the module to put it into the event
  • Trigger decision file updates include a trigger decision object
  • Time is time not TDC
    • Need to talk about time class
    • Is this TDC or wall time or what?
  • TriggerMask is temporarily of type enum
  • Code in place to put TriggerDecision objects into the event

Global Action Items

  • Need more data that was taken with our DDTBaseDataProducts
  • Everybody should learn how to do this, whoever does please put it on the wiki