9/14/2015 Notes

DocDB Event


Serdar, Enhao, Alec, Andrey, Leon and Martin (taking notes)


  • We decided to stop the weekly meetings and only hold a meeting when the need arises.
  • Please send me a note when you have something you would like to discuss and I will schedule the meeting.

GT Messages

  • GT messages are too frequent, so the message rate needs to be prescaled.
  • Alec notes that this might help us sell a higher trigger bandwidth because we will reduce the message bandwidth.

Moon Trigger

  • Serdar will think about what prescale he would like to implement.
  • The current prescale is 1,000.


  • Alec suggests to not have each process fill its own SN data block, but to have all 13 place their data into the same place (e.g. through some shared memory). This would give us a factor of 13 improvement.
  • Alec will send Andrey some notes on this.
  • I looked up the buffer depth and it is currently ~400 s.