08/26/2014 Notes

DocDB Event


Pengfei, Zukai, Alec, Yuri, Kyle, Andrew, and Martin (taking notes)

NuMu Trigger Bursts

  • Andrew and Peter looked into one of these NuMu bursts:
    • The high rate asserts back-pressure through the data logger and the buffer node on the DCMs.
    • The DCMs then complain that they cannot write to any of the buffer nodes and bail out.
  • This is a real issue for the DAQ, so we will turn the trigger off for now.

Global Trigger

  • I added the new GT config parameters to the DAQ Configuration.
  • Andrew and I will test out the generated XML.
  • Andrew coded up an inhibit on beam spills.
  • He will learn how to update the DAQ Configuration from me, so that he can add his new inhibit parameters.

TriggerDecision Object

  • Alec provided some bits to be set by the individual triggers.
  • We need to implement this into the TriggerDecision object.